Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tech Poster Project!

I chose to do my research and project on the Verigene Testing System developed by Nanosphere. This is the first hand-held and portable gene-testing device. I learned alot about this device and its implications. This new testing device is much faster than the machine it replaces. It takes a couple hours versus a couple days that the old tech took. My two main sources were:

Tech Review

Popular Science

This device revolutionizes the interpersonal contact and communication between the patient and the doctor. The Verigene device can pin-point specific medications that will work, and won't work based on the information gained by the testing device. This is could be used over seas in the military to diagnose diseases picked up by soldiers. The information could be present and ready by the time they are put into a hospital.
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  1. The project went really well and was very interesting. There is alot of new technology I had no idea existed. I Enjoyed the presentation even though our section was running a little behind.